Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kayaking Labor Day Weekend

What are your Labor Day plans?  How about Waves n Caves?

We are looking forward to hosting a Mendocino Kayaking Waves and Sea Caves Weekend.  We currently have 3 spaces available for those looking for an adventurous weekend of great food, camping, kayaking, and FUN!!!

For those that want to rent kayaks and paddle on Fort Bragg's Noyo River this Labor Day Weekend, check with our friends at the Noyo Fishing Center (707) 964-3000 or Subsurface Progression (707) 964-3793 for kayak rentals.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wow!!!  Where did the month of August go?  I guess it is true that time flies when you're having fun.

It is definitely August on the Mendocino Coast.  The blackberries are ripe and being enjoyed by many creatures (both 2 and 4 legged).

A wildlife highlight of our Tracks to Kayaks Tour and Sunset Bird Paddle last weekend was watching 2 fox kits romping and exploring along the banks of the Noyo.

The ocean has calmed considerably and the kelp is getting thick.

Despite the ocean being calmer, we still have plenty of whitewater in our surf zones and rock gardens.

This weekend we are looking forward to a sea kayak rock garden exploration and play weekend.

Psssst  . . . if you are reading this and didn't get our monthly newsletter last week.  You might want to contact us to get on our monthly email list.  There was a special deal in this month's newsletter.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sundays with LFK

A large part of the Liquid Fusion Kayaking business model is centered around FUN.  Fun is a huge part of our business model because we believe that everyone NEEDS to have fun

Part of our business being fun is that we are having fun.  Two years ago, we started a rental program on the Noyo River.  It has taken some time and man power hours to establish - either Jeff or I consistently being there.  Manning the shop can be fun, but we missed having a day to play together.  This year, we committed to not being at the shop on Sundays (unless we had a special reservation) and making it a play day.

The good news is that our students can join us on our Sunday Play Days.

First Sundays - Kayak Surfing or a Special Event - In August it is kayak surfing. In September it is Mendocino Waves n Caves Kayak Weekend and in October a Mendocino Sea Kayak Camping Trip.

Second Sundays - Mendocino Coast Sea Kayak Coastal Exploration - Sea kayak and explore a stretch of the Mendocino Coast.  Each month, we paddle a different stretch exploring the coastline and admiring the beauty and wildlife from the water.  Click here for more information.

Third Sundays - Sea Kayak Rock Gardening and Play - Challenge your sea kayak skills to play and explore as we paddle more technical areas of the Mendocino Coast including surf zones and rock gardens.  Click here for more information.

Fourth Sundays - LFK choice.  This last Sunday, we took a play day for ourselves.  What did we do?
We went kayak surfing

and then out on our stand-up paddle boards for an exploratory paddle of a local estuary.

This Sunday, we have a kayak surfing class.  Give us a ring if you want to come play.

Pssst  . . . we just got our new computer hooked up and have a few video projects in mind.  Stay tuned.