Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pssst . . . Don't Miss

Jeff and I have a special new event for 2012 and are offering a discount for early registration. Here's the scoop. Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends -

3 Day Weekend Kayaking Mendocino Waves and Sea Caves

Welcome to our playground!

Experience 3 days of playful exploration on the Mendocino Coast enjoying areas only accessible by kayak. We will guide you to some of our favorite spots and show you the tricks you need to kayak and play in our coast's rocky features. Dart into sea caves, glide down waves, and experience the incredible beauty of the wild Mendocino Coast.

Enjoy 3 nights of camping and meals provided by LFK. Mornings you will awake to the sounds of birds and the smell of Thanksgiving Coffee brewing followed by breakfast and the paddling plans for the day. In the evening, shower and relax as LFK prepares a hearty dinner followed by an evening around the campfire sharing tales and adventures.

Mendo Style Cerviche

Novice through Advanced paddlers will enjoy this trip. We specialize in providing challenges for all levels. Previous kayaking instruction/experience is necessary - i.e. taking our whitewater of the sea tour, surf or whitewater kayaking experience.

We will be using performance whitewater kayaks for this trip. You may bring your own kayak or use one of ours (sit on top or decked kayaks depending upon paddler's experience).

Don't miss out on this one of a kind trip! Space is limited so reserve early to save money and guarantee your spot.

Memorial Day Weekend - Friday, May 25-Monday, May 28, 2012

Labor Day Weekend - Friday, August 31 - Monday, September 3, 2012

Please call for more information and reservations. (707) 962-1623

$350/person if registered and paid by 3/1/2012 (6/1/2012 for Labor Day Trip)

$375/person if registered and paid by 5/1/2012 (7/1/2012 for Labor Day Trip)

$395/person if registered and paying after 5/1/2012 (7/1/2012 for Labor Day Trip)

Payment and Cancellation Policy -

50% is due at time of registration. The balance is due by 5/1. (7/1 for Labor Day Trip)

Cancellations made by 5/1 (7/1 for Labor Day Trip) will be given a refund minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations after 5/1 (7/1 for Labor Day Trip) will not be refunded unless we fill your spot.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitewater River Kayaking

Rain on the North Coast of California usually happens in the winter and early spring and has us traveling inland to the rivers of the Coastal Range for whitewater river kayaking. 2012 has been a dry year so far. Yesterday we managed to get over to the Eel for a low-water run that was Jeff's second run and my first of the season. While we love the surf and the spray of salt-water, there is nothing quite like floating downstream.

Top of Ramsey Rapid.

The media has many people envisioning whitewater kayaking as paddling over death-defying waterfalls or hairy first descents of big water rivers in little traveled parts of the world. We don't have any of these death-defying trips in our plans but respect the courage and skills that it takes for this type of boating.

What we like about whitewater kayaking is the adventure of journeying through a river canyon. We like the technical aspect of running rapids - water reading, precision boat control, and composure under pressure (like when you capsize in turbulent 45 degree water or miss your line and quickly have to find a new one).

Hell hole

We also like the planning, preparation and training for emergencies that might occur on our trips in the wilderness. On our trips, we are the only solution to problems that might occur so a toolbox (drybags) of items packed into our tiny boats is a must. First aid materials, extra paddles, throw ropes, carabiners, webbing, extra food, and emergency supplies are typical items that we carry and practice using.

Most of all, we enjoy the landscape and wildlife that one only sees while paddling on the river. Yesterday, we saw and heard lots of American Dippers. These are small birds that like us enjoy swift moving fresh water. They are known to walk on the bottom of creeks, streams, and rivers in search of insects and aquatic invertebrates.

Yesterday, we also were privileged to see several bald eagles including several dining on the carcasses of spawning salmon.

It is a pretty special feeling to be floating down the river and see black tail deer casually watch us go by. Perhaps they are unalarmed because they know that we are only passing through or just accept us as part of the movement of the river. Other unexpected wildlife sitings are another perk of floating down river.

This little piggie . . .

As we finalize our spring calendar, our thoughts keep returning to the river. In addition to teaching whitewater kayaking classes on the river, our hearts long for a multi-day whitewater trip. Last year we blocked out 2 weeks in April to paddle and enjoy the Eel River. We have a similar window of time this year before we get busy with the summer season. Where will we go? The only plan now is to go with the flow - down river.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rough Water Safety

When we were at the Lumpy Waters Symposium in Oregon, Jeff instructed a rough water safety class. Here's video with an interview with Jeff and some footage of the class.

Prevention, prevention, prevention is key!!!