Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tracks to Kayaks

Good news!!!  Soon the Skunk Train is going to be running full steam ahead.

In April, Tunnel Number 1 on the Skunk Train line caved in.  The maintenance crew of the Skunk Train have dealt with cave-ins before but this one was massive.  The railroad didn't have the resources to move the debris and fix the tunnel.  They have been doing fund raising and the most recent development is that the Save the Redwoods League and Skunk Train have made a deal that will finance the tunnel repairs.

We are excited because the Skunk Train is much of the heart of Fort Bragg and Mendocino County.  People come from all over the country to ride the historic train.  Many bring their children and grandchildren to ride the train that they road as children.

In 2010, we partnered with the Skunk Train to offer a kayaking trip.  Our Tracks to Kayaks trip is a great way for people to experience the Noyo River Valley.  On the train, passengers ride through the redwoods and learn about the history of the train and logging in Mendocino County.  They get to see 22 miles of the Pudding Creek and Noyo River watersheds.

Those taking the kayaking option, get to step off the train into the wilderness that they have been seeing.  As the train pulls away, the clicky-clack sound is replaced by bird songs and trickling springs.  Participants then get to cruise in our stable tandem kayaks down the Noyo River.  Over the 2.5 miles, they are likely to see turtles basking in the sun, birds in the canopy of trees above, tree caves along the river, the flora and fauna of   the North Coast Coniferous Forest and Riparian Habitats, and the wildlife that is associated with these habitats.

Sound magical?  It really is and we are excited that we are going to be able to start running Tracks to Kayaks Trips again.  Here's a link for more information including dates and how to make reservations.

Friday, June 14, 2013

For the Birds . . . or the Cookies?

The rumors are true.  Liquid Fusion Kayaking has gone to the birds.  Yesterday, I was in a meeting and someone commented, "You know - Cate is quite the bird nerd."  Yes it is true. Our Mendocino Coast kayak tours and classes always have birding moments.  Last week, Jeff and I made our Mendocino Coast Television Debut with a Community Service Announcement for the Mendocino Coast Audubon Society.  After this one, Jeff's new nickname might be the cookie monster.

Last week we also hosted the Mendocino Coast Audubon Society's June field trip - birding by kayak on the Noyo River.  This has become an annual event that many of the members look forward to each year.  My favorite siting of the day was the purple martins' nesting activity around and in the Noyo Bridge.
mendocino, birding, tour, kayak
As we head into our summer season, our Sunset Bird Paddle continues to be our most popular tour.  It is a slow paced, small group, kayak wildlife watching tour on the quiet waters of the Noyo River.
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Our guests rave about this trip.  Their comments include how relaxing it was as well as how magical.  Last year one of our paddlers joked that we must have the wildlife in boxes that are released on a timer as creatures keep appearing out of the landscape and water.
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Last week's trips included osprey diving into the water right in front of us then flying with their fish to the nest,
birding, osprey, noyo, river, kayak, tour, mendocino
A river otter eating a crab, a common merganser duck with 21 ducklings, harbor seal pups, a buck with velvety antlers, a seal schooling fish, a black crowned night heron and great blue heron awaiting its efforts, California sea lions, kingfishers courting . . .
kayak, birding, kingfisher, mendocino, tour
Whether it takes cookies or kayaking trips, we love sharing the wonders of our natural world with others.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Vacation Plans

If you haven't started making summer vacation plans, let us help.  We are a bit biased but believe that the Mendocino County is a great place to visit.  Check out Fort or Visit Mendocino for ideas but first let's take a look at kayaking options.  If you don't see an option here that interests you, definitely contact us, we are flexible would love to create a custom trip for you.
kayak, tour, sunset, mendocino, fort bragg, wildlife,
Kayaking into the Sunset on Noyo Bay, Fort Bragg, CA
For families and visitors who want a relaxing, wildlife watching experience, be sure to check out our Sunset Bird Paddle or Noyo Meander.  These are dry and mild tours where you can wear your street clothes and enjoy a dry and comfortable ride in our tandem kayaks.
family, kids, fort bragg, mendocino, kayak, tour,
Family kayaking fun on the Mendocino Coast

For travelers looking for an adventure that tops the FUN meter, our Whitewater of the Sea is a one of a kind tour that is wet and wild.  On this trip, you will kayak and play in the waves and whitewater in the ocean and even check out sea caves.
kayak, mendocino, rock garden, fort bragg, wave, surf
Ocean whitewater kayaking on the Mendocino Coast
kayak, sea cave, tour, mendocino, fort bragg, ocean,
Kayaking in a Mendocino Sea Cave
Is this the summer that you want to learn to kayak or improve your kayaking skills?  If so, we can definitely help.  From strokes and maneuvers to safety and rescue to eskimo rolling to sea kayaking to rock gardening and performance surf kayaking, our classes and private lessons are top notch - but don't take it from us - look at our customer's comments on Facebook, YELP, and Trip Advisor.

sea kayak, mendocino, class, lesson, surf, instruction
Sea kayak class on the Mendocino Coast
We have to admit that we aren't your typical tourist operation.  Our tours and classes are all personal and instructional and led by either Cate or Jeff who are both naturalists and certified kayak instructors.

Give us a ring and let's plan a fun Mendocino Coast Kayaking Adventure . . . you never know what we will see.
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Deer Rock