Sunday, February 21, 2016

Whitewater in the Sun

Last weekend, Liquid Fusion Kayaking offered its Precision River Running Class.  This is a whitewater river kayaking class designed for intermediate whitewater kayakers that are looking to improve their river running skills.  Drills, drills, drills doesn't sound like much fun but really it is.  Several times, Jeff and I had to urge our students down river onto the next rapid because they were having so much fun and success at each spot.
Whitewater kayaking class on Mendocino 's Eel River
The paddlers in our group had quite different paddling backgrounds.  Several were primarily sea kayakers getting into whitewater river kayaking and several were primarily whitewater kayakers looking to crisp up their skills.  I guess anytime you have sunny warm days, whitewater, kayaks, and a enthusiastic crew; fun is likely to happen.

We had a perfect flow on the Eel and had it all to ourselves.
Surfing on the Eel River
I had my first time giving Jackson Kayak's 2 Fun a try on the river.  It took me a day or so to shift gears from the speed and forgiveness of the Zen but after that - it was TOO FUN!
Cate surfing a river wave in the Jackson Kayak 2 Fun.
I have to admit that Monday was my favorite day of the weekend.  After 2 days of instruction, we offered a "Play with LFK Day."  Our goal was to run the river.  Of course we would coach and offer tips but the goal was for the group to put the weekend's training to use and to have a fun day running the river.
I knew it was going to be an awesome day when I eddied out at the bottom of the first main rapid and watched our students tick tack toe eddy hopping back and forth across the river as they went down the rapid.  It was affirming that Jeff and I were successful coaches in giving them the skills and confidence to play their way down the river - precision river running.

If you want to learn to whitewater kayak, we are teaching a whitewater kayak course for those with sea or surf kayak experience April 2-3, 2016 and Precision River Running April 9-10, 2016.  Contact us for more information and to sign up.
Whitewater Kayaking on Mendocino's Eel River

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Whitewater of the Sea Too!

Psssst - we just created more fun for 2016.  We are still working on the description and details but thought if you read my LFK blog, I would let you get first dibs on the fun.  Here's the gist

Memorial Day Weekend 2016 - 2 or potentially 4 days of rock gardening on the Mendocino Coast with Liquid Fusion Kayaking.

Friday May 27 Whitewater of the Sea - for those that need a warm-up/refresher or intro to playing in whitewater kayaks in the ocean.

Saturday May 28-29 Whitewater of the Sea TOO! - 2 days of whitewater kayaking fun in the rock gardens of the Mendocino Coast. During the lesson/tour, we will share some of our favorite play spots with you as we build your whitewater kayaking skills.

Monday May 30 - Rock n Play with LFK -   No instruction just all out play and fun!

Don't let us have all the fun without you.  Contact us to get first dibs on signing up.