Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Whitewater Kayaking

Wet Winter = Whitewater Kayaking

Since the beginning of 2019, it seems to have rained here every day.  Even on days when no rain is forecasted, a rain shower seems to emerge out of nowhere.  To make things more exciting, we have had numerous hail storms and even some snow.  The snow forecast for the Sierras is looking promising, and even our Coast Range is blanketed.  With all this snow and rain, 2019 is shaping up to be an epic year for whitewater.
Kayaking North Fork Smith River
Whitewater Kayaking on the North Fork Smith River.

California Whitewater Dreaming

If you aren't, you should be California dreaming.  We sure are.  It has been a cold winter, and we are dreaming of warm spring days running whitewater.  The song Big Rock Candy Mountain permeates through our hearts as we dream of mountains gushing with crystal clear water pouring over granite boulders in the Sierras.  Our dreams include multiday self-support kayak trips on several of our favorite runs including the Eel River.  With plentiful water in the reservoirs, dam release runs should have good water all summer long.  We are looking forward to summer getaways on the Trinity, Sierra Rivers, and even maybe Cache Creek.
Whitewater Kayaking on the Trinity River
Whitewater kayaking on the Trinity River.

Are you ready for this epic whitewater year in California?  

If not, its time to get ready.  Let us help.  We have classes and lessons to get you ready for whitewater fun.  Check our links for dates or contact us to schedule a private lesson, custom class, or trip for you.
whitewater kayak lessons and classes
Whitewater Kayak Classes and Lessons
Rolling - Learn to roll or tune-up your roll with a LFK Instructor in the comfort of our local community pool.  Private rolling lessons and tune-ups are available most days.  Contact us to schedule.
Kayak Roll Lesson in the Pool
Kayak Roll Lesson in the Pool
Learn to Whitewater Kayak - Beginning whitewater kayak class for sea kayakers, whitewater kayakers, and recreational kayakers who have basic kayaking skills and want to learn to run whitewater rivers.
Fun whitewater kayak class
Whitewater kayak classes are fun.
Precision River Running - Intermediate whitewater kayakers - Dial in your river running skills to run the river with style - catch challenging eddies, make jet ferries, boof holes, and surf waves.
Whitewater Kayak Boof Stroke
Whitewater kayak boof stroke.
Whitewater Overnight Trip - Each spring we look forward to overnight camping trips in the wilderness of the Eel River.  If you want to join us, we are offering an Eel River Overnight Trip on April 13-14.  We are exited to share the whitewater and wilderness of the Eel River.  If you have other dates in mind for a private trip with us, hit us up.  You will love the beauty of the Eel in the Spring.
Kayak Camping on Eel River
Whitewater kayak self-support camping on the Eel River.
Whitewater and Surf Safari - Do it ALL with the Mendocino Whitewater Kayaking Trifecta - rock gardening, surfing, whitewater river running.
Whitewater Kayaking Ocean Rock Gardens
Whitewater kayaking ocean rock gardens on the Mendocino Coast.
So much whitewater kayaking fun to be had!!!  Keep on dreaming but don't let dreams be dreams and get out on the water!!!
Beginner whitewater kayaking class
Whitewater kayaking for beginning kayaker.