Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Mendocino Whitewater n Surf Safari

Northern California's Mendocino County is a special place for outdoor lovers.  We have gigantic redwood trees, miles of rocky ocean shores, sandy and glass beaches, casual to remote hiking trails, beach and forest camping, special swimming holes, and 48,000 acres of state forest land for mushroom hunting, mountain biking, and horseback riding.  And there is kayaking.  Mendocino is most known for its sea kayaking.  Visitors from all over the world enjoy kayaking Fort Bragg's Noyo River, Mendocino's Big River, and in Mendocino's infamous ocean rock gardens and sea caves.
Mendocino Sea Cave Kayaking
Kayaking in sea caves on the Mendocino Coast of California.
The hidden gem of Mendocino County is whitewater kayaking.  The beauty of whitewater kayaking in Mendocino County is that there is something for whitewater kayakers of all skills and interests. 
Whitewater kayaking on the Eel River
Whitewater kayaking on Mendocino County's Eel River
One of our favorite ways to share the whitewater kayaking in Mendocino County is on a whitewater surf safari.  Our #1 goal for a whitewater surf safari is FUN!  Goal #2 is getting the trifecta of whitewater kayaking - a whitewater river run, ocean rock gardening (aka whitewater of the sea), and surf kayaking.  Mendocino County is one of the few places in the world where one can do all 3.  
Kayaking ocean rock gardens on Mendocino Coast
Whitewater kayaking in ocean rock gardens aka Whitewater of the Sea
In the spring when days are long, we have done all 3 in one day.  We are more the stop and smell the roses type than the do it all and see it all type so we tend to take 3 days to do our 3 favorite things.  This allows us to maximize water and weather conditions to get the best of the best.
Mendocino Surf Kayaking
Kayak surfing in whitewater kayaks on the Mendocino Coast.
Last month, we had a group of bay area whitewater kayakers join us for an annual whitewater surf safari.  We nailed it!  Day one was whitewater river kayaking on the Eel River.  Day two was a combination of rock gardening and surf kayaking, and day three was more rock gardening.
Whitewater of the Sea
Rock gardening is a fun hybrid of whitewater and surf kayaking.
Most of our whitewater surf safaris are set up as custom groups or private adventures so that we can tailor the adventure to the interests and skills of the participants.  Spring (March and April) are usually the best months for scoring the trifecta - river, rock garden, and surf but we will run surfaris any time of the year.  We run them for people of all skill levels including those with limited whitewater experience.  We have whitewater sit on top kayaks available for paddlers who don't know how to roll as well as a fleet of river runners and whitewater crossover kayaks.
Sit on top whitewater kayaking
Whitewater kayaking on a whitewater sit on top kayak.
Grab your calendar and let's plan a whitewater surf safari!
Whitewater kayak instructor Jeff Laxier
LFK's Jeff Laxier loves sharing the magic of whitewater kayaking in Mendocino County.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Custom Mendocino Kayak Adventures

Mendo Your Way

One of the funnest ways to kayak on the Mendocino Coast is on a custom trip or private lesson with Liquid Fusion Kayaking.  We call this Mendo Your Way.  We have lots of options to choose from and are open to your ideas.  All custom trips are led by LFK's Jeff Laxier and/or Cate Hawthorne and include a photo gallery from the trip or lesson.
Custom Mendocino sea kayak adventures with Liquid Fusion Kayaking.
Dream up your idea Mendocino kayaking adventure and contact us to make it happen.  Here are a few of the custom adventures and private lessons that we led in 2018.
Rock gardening in sea kayaks on the Mendocino Coast of California.
Learn to kayak and learn to kayak better lessons on the calm waters of the Noyo River -  The Noyo River is an ideal place for beginning lessons and flat water perfection.  Harbor seals, river otters, and a variety of birds check us out as our students learn and perfect their strokes and fine tune their capsize prevention and capsize recovery skills.
The Noyo River is a great spot for learning what to do when your kayak capsizes.
The Noyo River is also an idea location for family and group kayak outings.  We customize trips for ages 0-91 (oldest so far) and even the family dog.  Last year our custom trips included doggie paddles, multi-generation family trips, and wedding parties.  Group sizes range from 1-25 and the smile meter is immeasurable.
A group of birders and wildlife enthusiasts out on a Noyo River Kayak Tour with Liquid Fusion Kayaking
Sea Kayaking- custom sea kayak lessons and trips are fun because we can customize the trip to your interests and skill levels.  Last year our custom sea kayak lessons included 1/2 day surf zone trainings, 2 day sea kayak rock garden and touring adventures, sea kayak surfing, and 5 day intermediate/advanced rock garden weeks.
Rock Gardening in a Cape Falcon Skin on Frame Kayak
Sea kayak surfing on the Mendocino Coast of California
Some adventures focused on skill building and some were focused on touring and play.  For those that want to see the Mendocino Coast, we recommend 2 or more days so that we can maximize conditions to show you the goods.  The students in last year's 5 day programs got a lot of it all and are talking about coming back again for more.
Looks like Santa came rock gardening with LFK on the Mendocino Coast
Rolling - we can rent space in our local indoor swimming pool for private rolling lessons and tune-ups.  In 2018, we had a variety of paddlers come roll with us.  Some came for a 1 session tune-up and others joined us for 3-4 sessions of learning to roll.
Kayak roll instruction in the local pool.
Surf Kayaking- Choose your craft and let us build your surf skills.  Last year, our surf private lessons included fishing kayaks, sea kayaks, sit on top kayaks, whitewater kayaks, and surf kayaks.  Lessons included how to safely launch and land with control and finesse and of course kayak surfing in sea, whitewater, and surf kayaks.
Launching and landing a fishing kayak through the surf.
Surf kayak lessons on the Mendocino Coast
Whitewater n Surf Safari - one of our favorite custom trips to lead is our trifecta of whitewater kayaking.  The trifecta is held over 3 days and includes rock gardening, surfing, and whitewater river running.  Mendocino County is one of the few places in this world where you can do all 3 of these fun whitewater adventures.
Whitewater of the Sea - aka rock gardening on the Mendocino Coast
Whitewater river kayaking on Mendocino County's Eel River
Surf kayaking on the Mendocino Coast of California
What Mendocino kayak adventure is right for you?  Drop us a line and let's do Mendo Your Way.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2019 Sea Whitewater and Surf Kayaking

Grab your calendar and start planning to kayak on the Mendocino Coast and Northern California Whitewater Rivers with us in 2019!  

Liquid Fusion Kayaking's class schedule is now live.  We have lots of fun planned for sea kayaking, whitewater river kayaking, surf kayaking, rock gardening, and family kayaking fun.

sea kayaking in the rock gardens of the Mendocino Coast
Sea kayaking in the rock gardens of California's Mendocino Coast.
Sea KayakingWaves, wildlife, and wonder - the Mendocino Coast continues to enthrall all who travel here. Let us share the magic with you!  From kayak 101 to advanced level coastal exploration and rock gardening, we have fun and exciting adventures for all skill levels.  Join one of our Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino Courses or rally your paddling pals for a custom adventure in the sea, surf, or rocks!
sea kayak rock gardening Mendocino
Riding a pour-over on the Mendocino Coast with Liquid Fusion Kayaking.
Whitewater River Kayaking -Winter and Spring, we are on the river! Get in on the fun with one of our March or April classes or rally your paddling pals for a custom trip with us on the Eel or another Northern California River.  Whitewater river kayaking is a great way to build sea kayak skills and explore new areas.
whitewater river kayaking class
Whitewater river kayaking class on Mendocino's Eel River.
Scouting exercise including sending in the probe.
Summer and Fall, get salty with our Whitewater of the Sea - whitewater kayaking, rock gardening and surfing in the sea.
whitewater kayak ocean rock gardening
LFK's Jeff Laxier uses a Sea Boof to style this ride.

ocean whitewater kayaking
First time kayaker get a taste for rock gardening with Liquid Fusion Kayaking.
Surf KayakingSurf is up year round on the Mendocino Coast.  Let us ratchet up your surf skills and fun in one of our surf classes.  Or let us create a custom lesson or safari for you in the craft of your choice - sea, whitewater, or surf kayak.  For those that like long boats, check out our Sea Kayak Surfpedition.
surf kayak lesson
Surf kayaking lessons and classes on the Mendocino Coast of California.

Rolling Learn to roll or tune-up your roll with Liquid Fusion Kayaking.  Year round, we are available for rolling lessons in the pool.  Or dial in your Sea Roll or River Roll with us.  Contact us to schedule your custom rolling lessons. 
LFK's Jeff Laxier teaches the kayak roll on the Mendocino Coast.
We still have space for your custom sea, whitewater, or surf kayak adventure or training.  Drop us a line if you have something in mind - maybe an intermediate/advanced Mendocino sea kayak adventure, a multi-day overnight river trip, or surf safari?
Kayak camping on the Eel River
Stay tuned for special new events!!! We have a couple in the works - Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be the first to know!!!