Thursday, August 8, 2019

Whitewater of the Sea

In June, world traveler Kyle Mulinder aka Bare Kiwi came out with us for a whitewater of the sea adventure. Kyle was on a Northern California Road Trip for Visit California and GoPro.  Kyle is a sea kayak guide in New Zealand and was super curious about our rock gardening adventures.  As a sea kayak guide, he is used to keeping his participants away from the rocks.  The concept of playing in close to the rocks in areas that other sea kayak guides avoid intrigued him about our trip.

Kyle had a blast on the trip and shared that it was the highlight of his Northern California Trip and thinks it is one of his top 5 adventures worth doing globally.  WOW - considering the stellar Northern California road trip and his adventures.  Here is a link to the video and write up about Kyle's Northern California Adventure.  The video is fun and inspiring.  We were at the end of his road trip and whitewater of the sea is toward the end of the video and blog post.

Check it out and let us know what you think.  We also encourage you to follow Bare Kiwi's Adventures on Instagram.  He definitely knows how to peg the fun meter.

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