Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back on Track

We are giddy with excitement.  The tunnel repairs are almost complete and the Skunk Train's Fort Bragg to Northspur runs are scheduled to commence on Saturday.
Mendocino County's Skunk Train
Next week, we are back on track to run our Tracks to Kayaks trips.  We have missed doing these trips this summer and are excited to be spending more time "up" the Noyo River.  (We haven't been able to run these trips this summer due to a massive cave-in in the #1 Tunnel that happened on April 11.)

Jeff's favorite part of the Tracks to Kayaks Adventures is the quiet solitude of the Noyo River as he paddles up to meet the train and then getting to share peacefulness of the river with those who have been on the train.
Enjoying the quiet beauty of Fort Bragg's Noyo River.
My favorite part of the tracks to kayaks trip is when the train pulls away and our kayakers get to experience the quiet beauty of  the river.  We both enjoy seeing the Pacific Pond Turtles sunning themselves on logs along the river.
Kayaking by turtles on the Noyo River.
We have 3 trips next week and 3 in September.  Join us for a wilderness adventure - Mendocino County Style!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Kayaking on the Mendocino Coast

Still making your Labor Day Weekend plans?  How about a fun kayaking adventure on the Mendocino Coast?

Liquid Fusion Kayaking in Fort Bragg is offering several one of a kind adventures for all ages and abilities.  The common theme - they are all FUN!!! and led by Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Cate and Jeff. (Check out Trip Advisor and YELP to see what others are saying about us).

On the dry and mild side
Sunset Bird Paddle - Friday and Saturday nights, we will cruising on the Noyo River Estuary in tandem kayaks wildlife watching.

Sunset Bird Paddle and Bonfire-  Sunday night, we will host a bonfire after our Sunset Bird Paddle.

On the wet and wild side
Whitewater of the Sea - Saturday - Come play with us in the waves and whitewater of the Pacific Ocean.

For those with some kayaking experience
Sea Kayak into Glass Beach - Sunday, the Fort Bragg Coastline is one of our favorites.  On this unique tour, we will kayak into the Glass Beach that is only accessible by kayak.

Whitewater of the Sea II - Saturday - Enthusiasts who have loved our whitewater of the sea adventure and experienced whitewater kayakers will experience the thrills and spills on our WW of the Sea II Adventure where we step the skill level up a notch.

Whitewater of the Sea II+ - Monday - And up a notch more!!!

Want to do it all - we are offering a special rate of $300/person for those who have all of their own equipment or $400/person includes kayak and equipment rental.

Space is limited so Call now for availability and reservations (707) 962-1623