Thursday, January 23, 2014

LFK's 2014 Calendar

Let's go paddling!!!  We have our 2014 kayaking plans do you?
Of course we recommend a kayaking adventure on the Mendocino Coast.  From peaceful wildlife watching tours to wet and wild sea and surf kayaking adventures, we have a full line up of adventures. 
Whitewater Kayaking in Ocean Rock Gardens on the Mendocino Coast
We look forward to sharing Mendocino Coast Kayaking Adventures with paddlers of all ages and skill abilities.  May through September, we guide kayaking tours for families and visitors to the Mendocino Coast.  Teaching is our specialty and all of our trips are educational adventures of watching wildlife, discovering natural wonders, and learning about the ecosystems of the Mendocino Coast.
Tracks to Kayaks Adventure with Liquid Fusion Kayaking and the Skunk Train
From September through May, our tandem and recreational kayaks are away as we shift our teaching focus to classes and lessons for kayakers who want to improve their sea, whitewater, or surf kayaking skills.  We teach at home on the Mendocino Coast but also at kayak symposiums and events.  In 2014, we will be at the Golden Gate Sea Kayak SymposiumLumpy Waters in Pacific City Oregon, and at several other smaller events.
Sea kayaking on the Mendocino Coast
Of course, there is no place like the Mendocino Coast.  The Mendocino Coast is on a remote stretch of the Northern California Coastline.  Magical redwood forests, quiet estuaries, and a rugged coastline make the Mendocino Coast an outdoor lovers paradise.  Lack of freeways has kept our communities small and the wilderness vast.  On the Mendocino Coast - we savor sunsets, greet our friends and neighbors around town, and open our windows at night to hear the ocean.  Yes, it is a bit of a journey to get here but that it part of the adventure and it is so worth it.  Here are some ideas on Getting to the Mendocino Coast.
We hope that you will check out our calendar of events and join us on the water in 2014!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting to the Mendocino Coast

For those that are planning trips for 2014.  We highly encourage you to consider a trip to the Mendocino Coast of Northern California.  Enjoy redwood forests, a rugged rocky coastline, beaches, arts and music, small towns, mom and pop businesses, tasty local foods, bed and breakfast and family run motels, and of course quality kayak instruction.  The possibilities are endless.
Kayaking through Sea Caves on the Mendocino Coast

Part of the beauty of the Mendocino Coast is it's isolation.  There are no freeways or commercial airports on the Mendocino Coast but you can get here from there.

Automobiles:  For those driving from the San Francisco Bay or Sacramento area, it is a 3-4 hour drive.  Here's a link with driving directions.
Map by Dennis Freeze at Monolith Design
 Planes and Automobiles:  For those coming from farther away, consider flying into the Sonoma County Airport (STS).  You can fly into Sacramento or San Franscisco, but STS is only 2 hours away.  It is a low stress county airport with great service and few crowds.  From STS, you can rent a car or take the Mendocino Transit Authority Route 65 Rider from the airport to Fort Bragg.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:  For those that want to make a trip to the Mendocino Coast an adventure, consider a ride on the Skunk Train.  Options include hopping on at Willits and getting over the to the Coast or taking a day trip on the Skunk Train from Fort Bragg.

For more information on visiting the Mendocino Coast, check out Visit Mendocino and Fort  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kayaking in 2014?

Have you planned your 2014 kayaking adventures yet?  Will you venture on the sea, on the river, or into the surf?  Will you tour an new area, return to familar waterways, or seek to improve your kayaking skills?
We have all of the above in the works for 2014.  Literally in the works - we are in the process of finalizing and publishing our 2014 calendar.  Of course, we look forward to sharing more Mendocino Coast Kayaking Adventures with paddlers of all ages and skill abilities.
Sea kayaking mendocino sea caves and rock gardens
New in 2014 is going to be more multi-day events.  Our students love them and so do we.  It is awesome to see the progress that everyone makes with consecutive days of instruction.  Our Ocean Camp Northern California in January is sold out.  We are going to plan another one for later in the year.  We also are planning a multi-day sea kayak camping tour of the Mendocino Coast.
whitewater kayaking on mendocino's eel riverWhitewater river kayakers, get your rain dance on and let's get some water into our water tables.  We are confident that the rains are coming and will have whitewater river kayaking classes and tours on the Eel River - and if it doesn't rain - there is no shortage of water in the ocean for rock gardening and surfing.  We will be having more whitewater of the sea (whitewater kayaking in ocean rock gardens and sea caves) adventures.
High performance kayak surfing on mendocino coastInterested in kayak surfing?  Whether is it is becoming comfortable and confident in launching and landing a sea kayak in the surf or performance surf kayaking, the surf zone is one of our favorite places to teach and play and we are looking forward to offering more classes in the surf in 2014.

As we are in our final stages of planning, feel free to call or email us if you have any special requests for us to offer in 2014.