Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let it RAIN!!!

Finally we are starting to get our regular fall rains on the Mendocino Coast.  We love the rain.  It is beautiful and renews our forests and watersheds.

For those that are planning to travel to the Mendocino Coast this fall or winter, don't let a rainy weather forecast deter you.  Pack your rain jacket and boots and enjoy one of the weather wonders that makes our area so beautiful.  Also know that even though a forecast might call for several days in a row of rain or showers - it is very typical for the sun to emerge during this time producing rainbows, dramatic skies, and wild mushrooms.

Kayaking in the rain is quite magical.  We provide our guests with waterproof splashwear and use decked sea kayaks that make kayaking in the rain comfortable and really fun.  The wildlife doesn't seem to mind the rain.
Great Blue Heron on fishing in the rain.

We of course get really excited about rain because it makes the Mendocino County Rivers flow which means WHITEWATER!!!  For those that want to learn to whitewater kayak, improve their skills, or run the Mendocino County Rivers with us, we have a full line-up of whitewater classes planned.  LFK's Whitewater I class will get you started with the basics.  LFK's Whitewater II puts your basic kayaking skills to work to catch eddies, ferry across channels, roll in current, and help friends in need.

After you have the basic skills of Whitewater I and II under your skirt, take advantage of the 3 day weekend in January and perfect your river running skills in our Precision River Running Class.

Private lessons or custom group lessons are available as well.  Call or email us to schedule and then

Let's do our rain dance and go to the river!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lumpy Waters 2012

"We want LUMPY!!!  We want LUMPY!!!  We want LUMPY!!!," chanted an enthusiastic crowd of sea kayak students and instructors at the 4th Annual Lumpy Waters Kayak Symposium in Pacific City, Oregon.  Hosted by Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe, the Lumpy Waters Symposium is a gathering for paddlers to learn skills and gain experience in bumpy coastal waters like surf zones and rock gardens.

Despite predictions, the weather was not terrible.  We had some rain as well as some wind, hail, rainbows, and sunshine.  The weather was more exciting than nasty.  It really was quite beautiful especially from the perspective of an enthusiastic group of paddlers who like to get wet and play in lumpy waters.

The waters were definitely lumpy and gave the students and instructors lots to work with.  The instructor to student ratio was quite high in all of our classes giving all of our students lots of individual attention on the water.

Jeff and I spent most of our weekend teaching in the surf zone.  We were so jazzed to see the successes of our students in such a short period of time.  

We especially enjoyed the camaraderie of being around many like-minded folk.  This year Paul Kuthe set the bar for symposium entertainment with his "Pre-Pub Quiz Game."  In teams of 10, we racked our brains to answer trivia questions that ranged from kayak theory and history to accomplishments of celebrity coaches.  Paul spiced things up with the random questions as well as a Name that Can Round (identifying a coach from a photo of their backside).  Everyone was roaring with laughter at the final round that pitted Sean Morley and Rob Yates against each other in a blindfolded and hands behind the back gear identification contest. 

Be sure to mark your calendars for Lumpy Waters Symposium October 18-20, 2013. For more on this year's Lumpy Waters, check out sea kayaker magazine's blog and check out Fred Marsater's video on Vimeo

Lumpy Waters 2012 from Fredrik Marmsater Photography on Vimeo.

Another great event to check out is the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium January 25-27, 2013.  Registration is now open and new classes have been added including our 2 of our favorites kayak surfing and rock gardening in whitewater kayaks.