Friday, November 14, 2014

Rock Garden Kayak Classes in Trinidad

Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Jeff and Cate have been invited by local paddlers to teach in the Trinidad area December 13 and 14, 2015.

December 13 - Whitewater of the Sea  - Experience the exhilaration and pure fun of playing in a whitewater kayak in the rock gardens of the Trinidad area.

Whitewater of the Sea I - If this is your first time paddling a whitewater kayak and rock gardening, we recommend taking our Whitewater of the Sea from 9am to noon.  Paddlers will learn the nuances of paddling a whitewater kayak and learn the basics of ocean rock gardening.  A reliable roll is recommended but not necessary for this course.

Whitewater of the Sea II - for paddlers who have played in the rock gardens with us before, this course builds upon the previous class.  We will primarily be focusing on techniques for play - finding features and working on water reading, finesse, and timing as we play, play, play . . .  Let us help you to read the water better, move your boat more efficiently, work with the water, and maybe even get a creative with your moves.  Paddlers taking this course need to have taken a previous rock garden class.  A reliable roll in dynamic waters is highly recommended.

To sign up - contact Jeff or Cate at Liquid Fusion Kayaking (707) 962-1623.  Space is limited to 6 students so sign up early to guarantee your spot.  The 3 hour whitewater of the sea class is $70/person.

Whitewater kayaks that we recommend for this adventure are river runners 8 feet or longer.  The Jackson Zen, Rogue, and Karma RG are 3 of our personal favorites.  If you have questions about the suitability of a boat for our class, please contact us.  If you don't have a whitewater kayak, contact Adventure's Edge to arrange for a demo.

December 14 - Sea Kayak Rock Garden Class

Learn how to paddle and play in ocean rock gardens in your sea kayak.  Jeff and Cate have developed a systematic approach that builds your skills and confidence for rock garden paddling.  Instruction, games and drills will work on both personal and team skills specific to rock gardens.  Personal skill development will include boat control, launching and landing, positioning, water reading, and self rescue.  Team skills of awareness, buddy rescues, and paddling as a group are integrated throughout the course.

This full day course is $110/person.  Paddlers are expected to have self and buddy rescues.  Plastic sea kayaks are recommended.  Please contact Cate or Jeff at Liquid Fusion Kayaking with other questions about the course and to sign up.  Space is limited to 6 students so signing up early is recommended.

We are looking forward to teaching in the Trinidad area and working with the awesome paddling community there - Explore North Coast.  It will be a nice warm-up for the Storm Gathering USA in March 2015.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whitewater n Surf Safari

Mendocino Whitewater, Rock Garden and Surf Kayak Safari

Whitewater kayaking ocean rock gardens
Surf kayaking on the Mendocino CoastWhitewater kayaking in ocean rock gardens
Whitewater kayaking ocean rock gardens mendocino
 Playboating in the oceanWhitewater kayaking on the Eel River
whitewater kayaking on mendocino's eel river
Bring your whitewater kayak or rent one of ours for 3 days of Mendocino Whitewater, Rock Gardening, and Surf Kayaking.
Each day's adventure will be based on conditions. We may be on a local whitewater river, surfing a Mendocino surf break, or rock gardening along the coast.
Previous whitewater kayak experience and training is necessary.

January 2-4, 2015 and February 14-16, 2015  (if these dates don't work for you, contact us about scheduling a custom whitewater n surf safari)
$300 for 3 days of short boat fun!!!
Kayak and wetsuit rentals are available.

Space is limited so sign up early.
Please contact us for prerequisites and to sign up. (707) 962-1623.
 Mendocino County's Eel RiverKayak surfing on Mendocino Coast
Hearst Whitewater Run on Eel River

Beyond the Basics - A Mendocino Sea Kayak Training

3 day sea kayak training and play in the coastal waters of the Mendocino Coast.

January 17-19, 2015

 The Mendocino Coast is a paddler's paradise with quiet estuaries, sheltered bays, rock gardens, sea caves, and surf zones.  Located 3 hours north of San Francisco, the Mendocino Coast embodies the best of Coastal Northern California - a rugged coastline, breath-taking beaches, towering redwood forests, quaint towns, and a slow pace of life.  January is a great time to visit the Mendocino Coast as the Gray Whales are migrating, and it is wild crab and mushroom season.

Beyond the Basics is for sea kayakers who want to improve their sea kayak skills in a world class paddling destination under the guidance of expert coaches.  

Instruction will include an intensive focus on the skills of sea kayak seaman/womanship including efficiency of strokes, edge control and bracing, rescue skills, equipment and its use, basic navigation and trip planning, being a competent member of a paddling group.  Skill instruction will occur in sheltered waters and progress into more dynamic waters including ocean swells and rock gardens to develop a solid foundation of skills and paddler confidence.  (more in curriculum below)
Evenings we will gather for skills/video/photo review of the day and other entertainment.

Prerequisites:  Paddlers should have had basic sea kayak training through a club or outfitter including strokes, self and buddy rescues, and be able to paddle at a 2.5-3kt pace.
Logistics :  $350/person includes 3 days of instruction and 2 evenings of video/photo review and other entertainment

Lodging in a vacation rental apartment is available Saturday-Monday morning - $100/person or participants may arrange for their own lodging.
Sea kayak rentals are available - $25/day
Number of students is 3-6. 
Instructors will be Jeff Laxier, and Cate Hawthorne
To sign-up call (707) 962-1623.  Reservations require a 50% deposit at the time of registration.  The balance is due by December 15.  Cancellations made by December 15 will receive a refund minus a $25 office fee.  Cancellations after December 15 will receive a refund minus a $50 office fee if we can fill your spot.
Boat Handling - refining paddler's skills to move efficiently and effectively in both sheltered and dynamic waters.  Skills will include strokes as well as edge control.

Safety and Rescue - refining bracing, self and team rescues, and towing techniques to be effective in both sheltered and dynamic waters
Sea Kayak Rock Gardening and Journeying - boat control and maneuvering, reading the water, recognizing safe zones and hazards, safety and rescue techniques, environmental awareness, launching and landing techniques, strategies for play, playing :)
Sea Kayak Coastal Journeying - planning and forecasting, basic navigation, equipment for the sea and its uses (marine radios and other signaling devices, towlines and tow systems, first aid and safety kit).
Teamwork - theory and application of skills for paddling as a team.

*Surfzone - students interested in surfzone training can add a 1 or 2 day surfzone class January 20 and/or 21, 2015.

*** If you are not sure where your skills are or if you have the skills for this class, contact us about scheduling a private coaching session.
*** If your skills are at a BCU 3 Star level or higher, you should consider attending our Onto the Sea Training January 24-26.

*** If rock gardens, whitewater, and surf kayaking are your interest, check out our Holiday Whitewater and Surf Safari's January 2-4, 2015 and February 14-16, 2015.