Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Phenonmenal Mendocino Summer

Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Adventures on the Mendocino Coast this summer have been phenomenal!!!  We are stoked to be sharing great wildlife sightings and a fun adventures with visitors (and locals) on our kayak tours of the the Mendocino Coast.  We are getting lots of thumb's up from our customers.  Check out some of the reviews they have written about us on Trip Advisor.
Thumbs up for Liquid Fusion Kayaking!
Some highlights of our summer have been the wildlife on the Noyo River.  We are having a heronful summer with lots of green heron, great blue heron, black crowned night heron, and great egret activity.  Recently a snowy egret has been around adding to the siege of herons.  Did you know that a group of herons is called a siege - we definitely have had a siege of them.
Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron on the Noyo River
River otters have been very present and almost a daily sighting for us.  There is definitely a family of 5 cruising the river these days as well as a young solo river otter who seems to have a ravenous appetite and is always feeding on something.

Of course the harbor seals continue to delight all.

Sometimes, we aren't the only ones watching - this little fawn was quite interested in us.

The osprey nests have been really active.  Some of the chicks are starting to fledge from the nest.  On Monday's Noyo Meander Tour, we had a new fledgling dive and catch a fish right in front of our kayaks.  It is hard to tell who was more excited about it - the kayakers or the osprey.

FUN! FUN! FUN! has been the name of the game in the ocean.  Our Whitewater of the Sea Adventures have been a blast!

Our students have really been enjoying our Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino series this summer.  (If you missed it, we are offering a special 5 day Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino over Labor Day Weekend in September).  Our class this month was the Art of Pour-Overs and it was a total blast.  We figure that we ran at least 12 different pour-overs in one day (and traveled less than a mile).

Good stuff!!!  We are working long days but are super excited and energized by the experiences that we are sharing with others.  

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Week on the Water

Today Jeff and I are off the water and getting office work and errands done.  The past 2 weeks have been quite busy with kayaking adventures on the Mendocino Coast (and beyond).  It has been exhilarating to constantly be switching disciplines - sea kayaking, whitewater river kayaking, ocean rock gardening, surf kayaking, kayak fishing, and recreational touring.

Here are some highlights from our past couple of weeks on the water.

A harbor seal and pup have been stealing the show on our Noyo Meander and Sunset Bird Paddle tours.  All ages are delighted by their nuzzling.  We have even gotten to watch mamma seal nursing her pup.

Getting all ages out on the water continues to be fun as well as getting the reluctant paddler out and helping them to discover the joy of being on the water.

On the wilder side, we have been sharing ocean rock gardening adventures with people with a variety of skills.  Getting first timer's riding waves and pour-overs is especially fun.

It is also fun when experienced kayakers come out with us to learn and play.  Last weekend, we had 4 ladies with us for our Rock 'n Surf Safari.  This was a 2 day rock gardening and kayak surfing adventure in whitewater kayaks.  The ladies did it with style and finesse.

And scored with super fun and friendly surf session that was great for building confidence and skills.

A seasoned whitewater boater from San Diego joined us for a day of sea kayaking.  We showed him the magical Mendocino Sea Caves.

We also nudged him to play on a few rock garden features (it didn't take too much nudging).

Again this year, we are closing Liquid Fusion Kayaking on Tuesdays.  This is our time to rest and rejuvenate to give our customers our all.  Last week we managed to carve out an extra day so that we could get up to the Trinity River for some whitewater kayaking.  While not restful, it is definitely rejuvenating.

Both Jeff and I are having fun knocking the rust off of our river running skills and learning the nuances of our new Jackson Kayak Zens.

Of course we have to put dinner on the table to.

Definitely lots of happy paddlers (instructors included).

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mendocino Coast Community Kayaking Events

Wahoo!!!  Liquid Fusion Kayaking has officially kicked off our spring and summer kayaking season on the Mendocino Coast!!!

On Saturday, we kicked things off with Kayak Safety Day.  We offered this event for folks to come out and ask questions, check out kayaks and kayak equipment, support the Mendocino County Water Safety Coalition, and get out on the water to learn kayak safety skills.

Those that participated had fun and learned a lot.  We have to admit that we are a bit disappointed with the turn-out.  We know that there were a lot of other activities going on in the community but also realize the need for better out reach education to help paddlers and prospective paddlers gain the skills that they need to prevent a capsize and to help themselves and others in situations when a kayak has capsized.

Saturday evening, Cate guided the first Sunset Bird Paddle of the season.  It was spectacular.  There was an evening glass-off (when the winds die down in the evening and the water is glassy smooth) and the wildlife sightings were spectacular including numerous kingfishers, great blue herons, osprey, nesting ravens, a sea lion, and even a green heron.

Of course a mamma harbor seal and her pup stole the show.

On Sunday, we hosted our annual Afternoon on the Noyo River - benefit for Books for Babies and Kits for Kindergarten.  It was a beautiful sunny day with lots of folks coming out to enjoy the beauty of the Noyo River.

Books for Babies and Kits for Kindergarten are early literacy projects of our local chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma International (DKG).  DKG is an international organization of women educators.  Ladies from our local chapter baked goodies and volunteered with registration, fitting life jackets, and even carrying kayaks and equipment.

The sunny afternoon was enjoyed by both volunteers and participants and over $900 was raised for Books for Babies and Kits for Kindergarten.

We are proud and excited to be a part of the Fort Bragg and Mendocino Coast Communities and feel really good about kicking off our season with activities for our community.

If you missed our community events this weekend, mark your calendars for Monday Nights starting in June.  On Monday June 1, we will be starting our Learn to Kayak Series for Mendocino County Residents.  We also are going to be starting our Monday Night Social Paddles.  This is an opportunity for locals to get out on the water and meet other local paddlers.