Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mendocino Green

Fort Bragg's Noyo River Valley continues to be a lush green - complete with an algae growth that give the river a gorgeous greenish hue. Here is a slideshow of photos taken this week by a couple of kayakers on the Noyo River

A green heron has been meandering about the Noyo River below our deck. We haven't gotten a good photo of it yet but here is one from last spring (notice that the Green Heron isn't so green).

The kelp is rapidly growing with all of the warm, sunny days that we had last week. Some is green, some brown, some red, and some is even iridescent. I had a boy on one of our Noyo River Kayak Tours pick up a handful of green eel grass and find a couple of eels slithering about. This guy thought that the kelp tasted better than spinach.

Of course anyone would be green with envy over the custom sea kayak trip that Jo and Sam got to take with us this week. We explored tons of sea caves and tunnels and even rode a few waves on the stretch of the Mendocino Coast north of Russian Gulch.

My new skin on frame kayak is in progress and it has been fun to share the progress with visitors to our shop as well as those paddling by on the river. I am contemplating coloring it green.

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