Saturday, January 22, 2011

Modeling and Remodeling

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) interviewed and videoed us this morning for a series of videos that they are doing on small businesses that have used SBDC services to make their business successful. Jeff and I worked with our local SBDC - West Company when we were developing Liquid Fusion Kayaking on the Mendocino Coast.

Of course the funnest part was the paddling. Due to time constraints, we weren't able to get out to the ocean for them. However, we had fun in our whitewater kayaks messing around on the Noyo River. It will be fun to see the video after they produce it.

We began phase one of our location make-over. We are still figuring out if we are going to change the layout and how to get a better office set up at our location. Do we go with a camp trailer, a toy hauler, or a shed?

First on our list was reinforcing our rack and replacing a split 2X4 so we had to relocate all of our boats.

If you come by in the next couple of weeks, please excuse the mess.

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