Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Mendocino Kayaking Classes and Trips

Grab your calendars and plan to play with us in 2017.  We have lots of fun adventures planned in Sea, Whitewater, Surf (and the pool).  We are especially excited about our 3 day Lost Coast Sea Kayak Camping Trip and our 4 day Eel River Kayak Camping Trip.
Whitewater kayaking and camping on Mendocino's Eel River.
Sea Kayaking - In 2017, we will be expanding our Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino Programs to include 5 day Intermediate/Advanced Adventures.  We will be continuing our monthly 2 day Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino Series May - August and offering our advanced beginner/intermediate 5 day Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino Course over Labor Day Weekend.  BCU 3 Star Sea trainings and assessments and private lessons/custom tours will round out our sea kayak instructional program.
Sea Kayaking in sea caves and rock gardens of the Mendocino Coast

Whitewater - LFK's 2017 river kayaking program features LFK's Whitewater River Kayaking Class.  This class is designed for sea kayakers and other paddlers who have a solid foundation of paddling skills and are looking to learn to run whitewater rivers.  LFK's systematic approach will build upon your current skills to give you the skills for running whitewater rivers.  The next class in our progression is Precision River Running.  Precision River Running is for experienced whitewater kayakers looking to improve and expand their river running skills.  LFK is also offering guided whitewater river runs.  These are scheduled on the Monday after our weekend classes for our students to apply their skills and enjoy a day of river running with us.
Whitewater river kayaking on Mendocino's Eel River

Surf Kayaking -  We have been excited about our students' success in our 2 day surf classes so we are offering more of these in 2017.  Whether you are learning the surfzone for the first timelearning to surf, or working on making moves on the wave; our 2 day surf classes are paced for maximum success.  With 2 days, you get different surf zone opportunities and a skill progression that builds on the previous day.  For those looking for specific skills, we have private surf lessons and safaris.
Surf Kayak Classes and Lessons on the Mendocino Coast

Rolling - We have a beautiful community pool and a flexible schedule.  If you want to learn to roll or need a rolling tune-up, we can help.
Rolling in Mendocino Recreation and Park District Pool
Wilderness First Aid - Know how to help others in the wilderness.  LFK and the Mendocino Woodlands are hosting Bobbie Foster to teach a 16 hour course that includes a 3 year Wilderness First Aid Certification.

Mendo Your Way - We are running our private lesson and custom tour special November 2016-March 2017.  Come see us to dial in your skills and play and explore the beautiful Mendocino Coast.
Sea kayak surfing on the Mendocino Coast
Family Friendly Kayaking Adventures - We are currently creating our 2017 Summer Tour Schedule for our family friendly Noyo Meander, Sunset Bird Paddle, Whitewater of the Sea and Ocean Adventure Tours.

Family kayaking fun on Fort Bragg's Noyo River
Whitewater Ocean Kayaking aka Rock Gardening on the Mendocino Coast

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