Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kayaking into Glass Beach

All that Glitters is not Glass - A Realistic View of Kayaking into Glass Beach

We've been getting a lot of phone calls lately about renting kayaks to kayak into Fort Bragg's Glass Beach #2 site to collect sea glass.  Liquid Fusion Kayaking teaches and guides kayak adventures on the Mendocino Coast and has a fleet of kayaks for this purpose but not for paddlers to take out into the ocean on their own.

If you are thinking about kayaking into Glass Beach, here are a few tips:
1.  Connect with Captain Cass of Sea Glass Jewelry who is our local expert on sea glass and Fort Bragg's Glass Beach.

2.  Knowledge of the ocean and ocean kayaking skills are extremely important.  The paddle into Glass Beach is short (less than a 1/2 mile) but is through rock gardens that can have waves breaking through them.  Be realistic about your experience and skills and the skills of those kayaking with you.

3.  Check the marine forecast before you go.   Here is a link to our local NOAA marine forecast.  You will want to look at the forecast for CAPE MENDOCINO TO PT ARENA OUT 10 NM. 

4. Our water temperature is usually in the 52' range so wearing a full wetsuit or drysuit with adequate layers is important.  Even more important is to wear a properly fitting life jacket.  The air temperature on the coast can be as warm as 70' but is most likely to be in the upper 50's to low 60's with a cool breeze which feels even cooler when the fog rolls in. 

5.  Bring wheels for your kayak.  The path from the parking lot to a launching point is about 400 yards.

6.  Glass Beach is a popular abalone diving and spearfishing spot so please watch for divers in the water.

7.  Enjoy and be respectful of marine life including harbor seals, coastal birds, and intertidal organisms.

8.  Go with your gut instinct - If the ocean looks too rough, it probably is.  If it is really foggy, it will be difficult to watch for incoming waves.

As interest in kayaking into Glass Beach seems to be increasing, I expect that we will post more information about kayaking into this area.

Please do not call us to rent a kayak to paddle into Glass Beach.  Our ocean kayaking adventures are all guided.


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