Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trains, Rocks, and Birds

Yeap, Liquid Fusion Kayaking has been rocking out on the Mendocino Coast Kayak Adventures.  We've been playing with trains, coaching paddlers in the rocks, and marveling over nature's wonders (chicks, fawns, otter pups, tadpoles, and turtles).

This week, we are guiding our Tracks to Kayaks trip.

Leading Sunset Bird Paddles.
Juvenile black-crowned night heron

Teaching kayak surfing.

Playing in the Whitewater of the Sea.

Guiding and teaching sea kayak rock gardening.
Will rock gardening.
And hopefully finding some time to paddle with our friends Neptune's Rangers who are visiting the Mendocino Coast this week.

Lots of fun to be had out there!!!  Would write more but we've gotta get out there and paddle!!!

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