Friday, December 14, 2012

Outlet Creek

For years we have drove along Outlet Creek to go boating on the Eel and wondered what it was like to paddle it.  There are areas of it that can be seen from the highway and of course this view from the confluence of Outlet Creek and the Eel.

Last week the water was too high on most stretches of the Eel so Jerry, Jeff and I decided to give Outlet Creek a try.  We expected to encounter a couple of ledge drop rapids and lots of willow choked sections.

Early on in our paddle, we portaged twice through a large thicket of willows.

It really wasn't bad and was actually kind of fun.  Afterall, we were here for an adventure.  After the willow thicket, we managed to find channels through the willow bars.

The ledge drops ended up being a couple of boney Class II and III rapids that were of course decorated with willows.

We were surprised by how beautiful the stretch was and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure including siting a Merlin and several pairs of wood ducks.

And of course lots of railroad trestles from the old Eel River Railroad.

Would we run it again?  Perhaps if it was another warm, sunny day with lots of water on the creek and too much water elsewhere.

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