Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rancheria Creek

Rain, Rain, Rain!!!  We've been getting more than what we've asked for, but isn't that the saying - "When it rains, it pours."  Even though the road was closed due to flooding, we found our way into the Anderson Valley this week to boat on Rancheria Creek.  (Speaking of pours, the Anderson Valley of Mendocino County is know for its tasty beers and wines).

Rancheria Creek is one of those runs that when it flows, you gotta go.  For more information on Rancheria Creek, check out or my article in the Winter 2010 Issue of California Kayaker Magazine.

On Monday, we had an inkling that a couple of friends were going to go and last minute looked at the Dreamflows and decided to do it.  We enjoyed the scenery and the boating and reuniting with some of our foul-weather friends (friends we only see during and after storms for boating purposes).
Paul enjoying the sunshine and hoping that Hans has as beautiful a day as ours on his trip.

Of course we were filled with awe of the remnants of the high flows the previous night and many of the wonderous waterfalls that cascade into Rancheria Creek.
The water level was at least 5' higher the day before our run.

Several of us ran "The Ledge."
Cate runs

Bill of CACreeks runs "The Ledge."
Bill runs

And of course Jeff surfed

 And Jerry surfed.

There was much conspiring for runs later in the week and excitement about the possibility of a wet, whitewater winter.  A special Liquid Fusion Kayaking Whitewater Event(s) is soon to be announced.

Here's a link to some of our photos and videos from our run on Rancheria Creek.

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