Monday, September 17, 2012

Mendo Madness

Once again, the Mendocino Coast is invaded by the Bay Area Sea Kayakers for their annual Mendo Madness weekend.  Since this our backyard, we thought that we would share a few tips.

Russian Gulch State Park is open for both camping and paddling.

It has been a windy and sunny summer which has made the kelp thick so sharpen up your kelp roll

so that you don't become a California roll.

The kelp isn't all hazardous.  Sometimes it cushions rocks and makes fun features like "The Carwash."

Need fresh ingredients for the BASK potluck?  Check out the Farmer’s Market in Mendocino on Friday from Noon - 2pm.

Golden chanterelles are popping up in the forest and would be a BASK worthy treat if BASK has any Fun-Gals or Fun-Guys who know where and what to look for.

For those that like mountain biking, Jackson State Forest offers miles and miles of epic singletrack mountain biking.
Rare Mendocino Coast sighting - Jeff mountain biking.

Lil'green glowing things - no, aliens have not taken over our waters. At night, Big River is sparkling with 

The Outdoor Store in Fort Bragg has sporks (and has been having some really great sales).  It is a great excuse to wander up to Fort Bragg and check out the new round-about on Highway One.

Speaking of reasons to go to Fort Bragg,   Liquid Fusion Kayaking is offering several events and classes  this weekend.  Space is limited and reservations are limited for all classes.  Please call us for availability and reservations (707) 962-1623.  Here are links for more information.

Used kayak and gear sale.

Thursday Noon-4pm, Sterling Sea Kayak Demos with LFK and a couple of The Hurricane Riders.

Friday 9am to noon Kayak Surfing Class - learn the techniques for surfing.

Friday 1-4pm  Sea Kayaks in the Surf - learn to land and launch your sea kayak with precision and control.

Saturday 9-Noon  Sea Kayak Rock Gardening Clinic 
Saturday 1-4pm  Sea Kayak Rock Gardening Play Session

Sunday 9-Noon Whitewater Kayak Rock Gardening Clinic
Sunday 1-4pm Whitewater Kayak Rock Gardening Play Session

We will be on the water and not at our shop most of the weekend.  If we don't see you on the water, we look forward to sharing some tasty treats at the potluck Saturday Evening.

Jeff and Cate


  1. Cate,
    These are great tips for visitors to the Mendocino Coast!
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Next year, remind me to share local coffee and wifi hotspots like Headlands in Fort Bragg.