Friday, September 28, 2012


We are updating our fall 2012 calendar and planning for 2013.  Got any ideas for us?

As we go through the planning process, the first thing that we look at is what was fun - for us and our students.

Our Second Sunday Mendocino Coastal Paddles continue to be a highlight of our month.  It is fun for our students who took our Rock Garden 101 Class on Saturday to come out and apply their skills on Sunday in a coastal tour.  It is also great to see our regular students improving each month including becoming leaders on the water.

Of course, we will be keeping our rock gardening classes.  We see lots of students gain confidence and skills in our Sea Kayak Rock Garden 101 and Whitewater of the Sea classes.

We hope that we will have more students ready for our Sea Kayak Rock Garden 201 in 2013.  In this class, we move beyond the basics of 101 to include more advanced water reading, decision making, rescue scenarios and play.

Kayak Surfing - put a smile on everyone's face this year.  Expect more surf classes and even some surf tours in 2013.

Speaking of smiles - whitewater.  We are sticking close to home this winter and planning to teach on our local whitewater runs - The Eel River and Rancheria Creek.  We already have some of our classes on the calendar - those that have some whitewater under their skirts but want to sharpen their skills should definitely check out our Precision Whitewater Paddling Weekend in January.

For sea kayakers looking to sharpen their skills, our Full Immersion Sea Kayak Weekend over President's Day Weekend in February is a must.  We have a vacation rental for the weekend and will eat, sleep, breath the skills and theory of sea kayaking including stroke instruction and video analysis, navigation and planning, and group paddling skills.

So this is what we have so far - classes in Sea, River, and Surf.

If you have a class/tour/event that we should consider, please contact us.

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