Monday, September 10, 2012

Play Time!!!

Play was definitely the theme of our Labor Day Waves n Caves Weekend.

The idea for Waves n Caves Weekend originated from trips that Gregg Knight and Jeff used to do for Aqua Adventures to Los Arbolitos Mexico.  Jeff and Greg styled their students with 3 days of camping, food, and rock gardening in whitewater kayaks.  Our San Diego friends who have paddled Arbo and then Mendocino tell us that Mendo is Arbo on steroids.  Jeff and I figured that we have the perfect venue in our backyard, let's host an Arbo Style Weekend here.

Memorial Day 2012 was our first trip and it was FUN!!!  It was so much fun that several of the students returned for the Labor Day Trip and brought friends with them.  We changed things up a little bit on our Labor Day Trip.  We camped in a different location and kayaked, explored, and played along several different stretches of the Mendocino Coastline.

Everyone got spectacular rides.

After a thrilling day of paddling, we returned to our camp on the Noyo River.  It was a great spot to unwind

We enjoyed warm sunny weather 2 of the 3 days,

Delicious fresh, local food for dinner,

and warm, toasty campfires

Luck was with us and we captured some great photos and videos.  We posted a new Whitewater of the Sea video on YouTube with footage from the weekend.

For Jeff and I the Waves n Caves Weekend was great way to wrap up a very busy summer season and to set the tone for the fall.  Fall is when we switch LFK's focus to instruction and tours for enthusiast paddlers.  It is a nice change of pace to spend our on-water time on the ocean teaching, guiding, playing or in the home office preparing lessons and even with some time for our own personal paddling fun.

Missed us on this one?   If you sea kayak, you may want to join us the first weekend in October for our Tour de Mendo.  Otherwise - mark your calendar for Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends 2013.  We have students signing up already.

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