Friday, September 28, 2012

Veni, Vidi, Vici

We came, we saw, we conquered (at least for a few moments).

For California Coastal Cleanup Day, Liquid Fusion Kayaking and the Lost Coast Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association teamed up again for an on-water cleanup of the Noyo Harbor.

Once again we overfilled a dumpster with trash from the river.

The rowers towed garbage scowls

Jeff paddled and towed a garbage canoe.

And Jerry towed a big chunk.

We had a great gathering of like minded folks who not only sought to pick up trash on the river but to educate others about it and inspire others to join in the effort.

The stand-up paddle board (SUP) craze is yet to hit the Noyo River so I of course got a few looks and comments as I paddled mine and picked up trash.

The SUP was perfect as it gave me a good perspective to see trash that others didn't, it was easy to hop on and off of, the handle acted like a hook for grabbing trash, and most of all it was FUN.

Mark your calendars for Saturday September 21, 2013 California Coastal Cleanup Day.  Join us, join another team, or organize your own.  Each of us makes a difference.

PS  We overfilled our dumpster soooooo much that they had to bring another one for us.  Thanks Jeff and Jerry for dumpster diving to sort out our trash issues.


  1. Are you getting debris from the Tsunami in Japan yet?

    1. Thanks for scooping up all the debris that lands in the water! You guys rock.